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Models Responses: (#’s: 2, 3)

Providing Models a space to speak in their own words their experience modeling artistic nudes:

Model 2010:
(Age: 24,  Regular shoots: 5 times, Nude shoots: Never shot nude before)

“Shooting nudes sounds intimidating and scary, but once you experience it and see the results you’ll feel like a Goddess and liberated at the same time!!”

Model 2012:
(Age: 18,  Regular shoots: 2 times, Nude shoots: Never shot nude before)

“Shooting nude is not as scary as people make it seem. Do not get me wrong there are risk at factor, but there are signs and steps to prevent any thing going wrong (ask Howard LOL). If you feel afraid or uneasy tell your photographer about it.Shooting nude was something i thought i would never do, but you should at least try something at least once right?!(: i was self conscious about my thick body structure, i was unsure about doing nudity until i did it. And guess what ……. My confidence went through the roof, i had a wonderful time , I have learned a lot about my body and built a wonderful friendship with Howard, my photographer. If you are considering doing nudes .DO IT WITH HOWARD. You’ll be in great hands (: “

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