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3 Part Series Project

Most of the time I like to work on multiple series at the same time… Since I was a kid, I’ve found it allows my creative processes time to “think” thru “problems” or ideas with one type of artwork while I am able to be creative and free to “think/ work” on a different type of art. So I found that I could begin one series work on that till I hit some road block that I needed to think thru — and in the mean time, keep being productive on something else until I had a break thru. So a while back I was doing landscape/ abstract textures photography, a photogram series, watercolor/ acrylic painting, working on an illustrated story, but really wanted to do some figure art, mixed media artwork, and sculpture.

So I was spread way to thin! I decided I needed to focus – MULTITASK! And so I would go out and scout nature locations (get some landscape shots.) Then do a 3 Part Series: Photography, Mixed Media Artwork, and Sculpture — all focused on the figure. I’d photograph models nude out in nature (in the scouted locations.) Then some of the images I would shoot/ edit for the purpose of creating a series of photographic images. Next I would take some of the other images shot and use them as reference to create a series of mixed media artwork. And finally out of the models that I got to know — I’d choose a few of them to work with to create some figure sculptures. most of the body of work you will see on my blog is based off shooting for this 3 Part Series.

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