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Skype Photography Coffee Book

I’ve started another coffee book!!  I want to take it in a whole new kinda direction — I decided that I wanted to do something totally different for this coffee book — I want to create a book that might be printed at some point in the future, but for the time being create it for the web — and have an online coffee book!

The concept is to have women from the net —  from all over the world – Different lives, cultures, life styles all random people — who I have never met before in real life model for me. I want to use modern technology “skype” to meet and shoot them — Using the computer camera — a modern form of communication, in an unconventional way to create fine art photography. My thought is to shoot something that is a little sexy, romantic, emotional kinda look and feel… something kinda old looking, timeless and artsy. Images that are moody, tells a story and leaves a little to the imagination…. Here are 2 examples.

In some situations I will be making connections across simply a city, but in others it is across the country or on the other side of the world. I find the idea of “taking” a picture of a model who is 1/2 a world away from me – totally fascinating! It is truly an “internationally shot photograph.” My desire is to show the “models” in their own environment, their rooms or homes — and capture a side of them that I’d never see in “real” life… I think I want to lean towards the sexier romantic sides — expressing either the true them, the hidden them, or just the idea of how they might be “seen” … and kinda play this off the idea of how the internet and new technologies BRIDGE us together… BUT it is not ALWAYS the truest versions of who we are… We are allowed INTO a persons world in a way that is both intimate and detached at the same time. I believe that this series will express the lifestyles and culture of our time in both imagery and in theory.

As I shoot more models for this series I will add new blog posts — Little Teasers of stuff that might end up in the online coffee book. Feel free to check out the links below for more images I shoot for this series:

1. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 1
2. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 2
2.5: World Wide
3. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 3
4. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 4
5. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 5 (with Skype logo)
6. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 6
6.5: UPDATE SHOTS: Switching It Up
7. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 7
8. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 8


PS: For those of you that are curious
this is a pic of me at an art gallery show.

Do not copy or use any of the images and/or text here or herein without written consent. © Copyright 2013 Howard Hill. All Rights Reserved

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