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3 Part Series

3 Part Series: Photography, Mixed Media Artwork, Sculpture
I started this series to be able to try and maximize the amount of work that was created for art galleries and publications — While taking less time to do it. The photography focuses on the human figure in nature, the contrast of shadow and light, of textures, and the beauty of the natural in nature. The Artwork focuses on the human figure, and the blending of digital and traditional art forms. It has also allowed me to use photos as references to attempt new processes of mixing medias or in the creation of other types of artwork.
1. The 3 part Fine Art series is: Photography / Artwork / Sculpture*. The Photography and Artwork are created from the SAME SHOOT. (It is like a 2 for price of 1 deal!! – I am all about multi-tasking… saves time, energy and creates more work with less effort.)
2. I shoot during the daytime with natural light – in nature. Modeling is NUDE. — Nudity is taisteful – Exactly the SAME as you can see in my ports. Also if a model doesn’t want to show her face or reveal her identity — That is totally fine, just let me know in advance. (Remind me at the shoot and pose accordingly.)
3. Just to repeat: “Nudity is required.” — My Non-nude work is VERY LIMITED and typically ONLY for models that I have ALREADY worked with. I prefer models that I have a trust/ connection established with already– rather then working with multiple new models = it makes things easier, more comfortable, and creates better images!! At the shoot I WILL shoot ALL of the following: nudes, implieds, headshots, and might even shot a few clothed shots. Shoots last typically for about 2 1/2 to 3 hours.
4. If model desires she can bring someone to the shoot – no problem. – I have had models bring husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends, or just come alone. All the same to me – just give me a heads up before the shoot. =) Also if you do not drive or have a car – let me know, I might be able to pick you up.
5. All Artwork is based off the nude in nature shoot. Almost all work in the MM Artist/ Painter port came from nudes in nature shots. I will NOT set up a shoot JUST to create artwork from it – it is not worth my time.
6. I offer ONLY trade: 12 edited images sent via email WITHIN 3 weeks of shoot and 1 artwork images within a month via email. (artwork takes a lil longer to create) — I choose the 12 to edit. Image size is exactly as seen in my MM ports w/ logo on them. Sometimes I send more edits then I offer – just because. =) And I also often go back and do artwork of models I have shot in the past — So my models often get lil surprise bonus images/ artwork even years later! =)
7. Model must be 18 -DUH! =) and must bring ID / sign model release.
8. My style and work is very unique so I’m only looking for models who are seriously interested in the different series I am working on. Images/ Artwork is NOT used on any porn or sexual adult content sites. Work will be created for the Fine Art World usages** – for exhibition and retail at galleries, museums, and website/ profolio.
9. Because I work on both modeled and non -modeled art / photography plus curating gallery shows I am VERY limited on time. I typically do a LIMITED amount of shoots and typically — ONLY for the series that I am working on. This means: I will not set up a shoot to shoot some idea that the model has just because she thinks it is a great idea — there are plenty of other guys that will! hahaha BUT, if you have shot with me a few times for the series, and we have a working relationship – I sometimes will make time to do favors for those models! =)
12. If your interested in the series leave a name and number on one of my MM ports and I’ll give you a call.
 Thanks looking forward to working with you! — Howard
*(sculpture is VERY expensive to make so it will be limited to only a few of the models chosen from the photoshoots. This will be discussed at a later date.)
** (read model release for more details)
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