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Models Responses: #6 (EW)

Providing Models a space to speak in their own words their experience modeling artistic nudes:

Model: EW

(Age: 36, Regular Shoots: 5 times, Nude Shoots: Never shot nude before)

“Although I have never done nude modeling, and did not have it listed on my Model Mayhem, when I was contacted by Howard Hill I was pleasantly surprised.  I remember looking through all of his accounts/websites looking for an image that I didn’t love.  I actually couldn’t get enough of his work, I wanted to see more.  I decided to move forward and give him a call because I just knew he would do something stunning for me.  Speaking to Howard on the phone was like getting in contact with a good friend I hadn’t spoken to for years.  What was supposed to be just a quick conversation on the logistics of the shoot turned into a 2 hour conversation about our lives.  The more I spoke to Howard the more I knew he was supposed to photograph me and the more excited I became.  I, like all women, have body issues.  Once I spoke to Howard about these I let it all go and trusted that he knew what he was doing.  The day of the shoot I had absolutely NO hesitation because I trust his artistic eye and because I believed Howard would not have chosen me to be photographed if he did not think I would be great.  I couldn’t wait to get naked and be shot in a beautiful/artistic way!  I was thinking of having the images when I am old and grey.  I was thinking that if I didn’t shoot with Howard I would have regretted it in the end.  The day of the shoot was exciting.  I got ready and headed out to meet up.  Howard was super chill and casual.  His personality matched his phone demeanor.  I got undressed and walked around to different photo locations within the area and it all felt very natural.  Howard shot me with purpose and professionalism.  There was never a creepy vibe, joke, comment, or look.  Howard was a true professional.  Even though I was tired from shooting for 3 hours I didn’t want the shoot to end.  I look forward to working with him again in the future if he will have me! “

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Do not copy or use any of the text here or herein without written consent. © Copyright 2013 Howard Hill. All Rights Reserved 

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