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LINKS To All My Skype Shoot Teaser Shots

I have been shooting for an Online Coffee Book that I’m putting together. Over the past month I have been sharing some “teaser shots” that might end up in the book. I decide that I wanted to have a link to all the different blog postings of my Skype shots. All these shots were taken via Skype over the internet — So the models are all in different states or countries around the world. =) To read a little more about the series CLICK HERE.  And if you would like to check out a bunch of shots that I have been taken via Skype – click the links below– Thanks for viewing! — Please feel free to FOLLOW my blog and see the progression of this series — Thanks!

1. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 1
2. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 2
2.5: World Wide
3. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 3
4. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 4
5. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 5 (with Skype logo)
6. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 6
6.5: UPDATE SHOTS: Switching It Up
7. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 7
8. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 8 (Casual)
9. UPDATE SHOTS: Teasers 9
10. UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 10 (Poland)
11. UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 11
12. UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 12 (Update/ Poland)
13: UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 13 (Your Absence)
14: UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 14
15: UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 15
16: UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 16
17: UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 17 (Seattle, WA)
18: UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 18
19:UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 19
20. UPDATE SHOTS: Teaser 20
21: More Teaser Shots Coming Soon!

Do not copy or use any of the images here or herein without written consent. © Copyright 2013 Howard Hill. All Rights Reserve

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