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Skype Shoots: Poland

Today one of my wonderful models and I took a walk down the streets of Poland together…. via Skype. Last week sometime I had written her asking if she wanted to shoot for this Skype series . She said she would have to get Skype, but wanted to be a part of it!  Within a day she had downloaded it, and contacted me. We’ve shot a couple times and then today she messaged me that she was walking down the street to get a pizza – and would “take” me along if I wanted.

Picture 21Awws

As we walked I was just so taken about how unbelievable it is that we are able to talk and just go for a walk in Poland as I was in my room in Los Angeles — Here is was morning and sunny and warm and there it was cold and almost night. It made me just so excited to continue this series- both as a boudoir series but then also just as an Alternative Photography project.

Picture 15Awws


Since I was so excited – I rushed to edit a couple images… and while I was editing I noticed that window with the lights on on the left of the image above. And suddenly I was so amazed and curious… aware — that someone was in the room there – living life and it just made me really interested and curious in a way that typically I don’t get involved in the “story” of an image… It’s more about the ART of the image or the concept… so it was really interesting to see within myself… How these images are interacting with my creativity and thoughts.   — Also my wonderful Skype model will be taking me to the big city tomorrow… so excited!

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