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Skype Shoot Progress Update

So the series has been going really well – I have had more then 75 models from around the world agree to be a part of the series!! A couple weeks back I decided that I wanted to create 3 coffee books from this series — Currently I am over half finished shooting for the first Skype shot coffee book which will be a variety of shots taken via Skype. The other two books will be of Boudoir in style, and they are progressing nicely! Here are a few shots of the streets of Poland shot via Skype. A huge thank you and credit goes to Zita for traveling around and showing off the wonderful city! She also took me out  that night too – so I might share some night shots soon! I love the way these came out – the old look I feel they have….

Picture 4Awws
Picture 90Awws
Picture 13Awws

These are a few teaser shots that I wanted to post to share some of the images I have been shooting for an Online Coffee Book that I’m putting together. All these shots were taken via Skype  — all shot over the internet. =) To read a little more about the concept behind the series  CLICK HERE. And if you would like to see a bunch of links to more Skype shot images CLICK HERE.  Please Follow the blog if you ‘d like to see how the shots progress. Thanks!


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