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Skype Teasers: Serious Travels

The other morning I woke up and shot with a friend in the Netherlands, a few hours later a model in Florida, a few hours later a friend in Seattle, Washington, and then that night a model in LA. — I love shooting this skype series… I’ve traveled to many parts of the world but never to Florida or Washington — so it’s pretty cool to be able to shoot there! I want to give a special thanks to Orion, Zita, Natalie and Christy! Here is the water off the East and West Coasts of the US.

Picture 3ZAwws
Picture 86Awws

These are a few teaser shots that I wanted to post to share some of the images I have been shooting for an Online Coffee Book that I’m putting together. All these shots were taken via Skype  — all shot over the internet. =) To read a little more about the concept behind the series  CLICK HERE. And if you would like to see a bunch of links to more Skype shot images CLICK HERE.  Please Follow the blog if you ‘d like to see how the shots progress. Thanks!

Do not copy or use any of the text and/or  images here or herein without written consent. © Copyright 2013 Howard Hill. All Rights Reserved
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