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A Year of Change!

This year has already seen a lot of huge changes — both a mix of sad but exciting changes! I’m getting close to finishing up shooting for  the 4 Skypetography books — Currently the first book is finishing up the final draft. I have the second one about 1/2 way put together — but the last 2 books I think will be a bit longer to put together…. still working on all the details. They should all end up being finished and released by the middle of this year. So that is exciting! I also recently got hired for a new job in Downtown Los Angeles — so that has really mixed things up in my life… it means that I will have less time to work on artwork for other artists, but more time to go to the LA Artwalks. I will be working a lot more scheduled hours so that means (sadly) I will have less time to shoot with models — but more money and more time at night to paint and work on other artwork I have started. Also the new job means I will be moving to be closer to work! So this has started off as a big year of changes and it is not even the end of the first month! I’m excited to see all that is in store for the rest of the year!

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