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Skype Book Series Update

I was talking to a model from Mexico today and I realized that it might be good to write a little “update” on the progress of the Skype Series.

Over the last few months I have had a lot of fun meeting models all over the world, and getting a chance to shoot with wonderful people that without the use of Skype — I would have never had the opportunity to shoot with. In that time the concept and purpose of the Series/ book has not changed but because of all of the great and overwhelming response from the models… the project has grown quite a bit! =) I have had over 163 models leave me their contact info to see about shooting with them, from over 20 countries from around the world.

Picture 33Awws
The project I had originally envisioned was going to take like a month long … maybe 2 months… the book was going to be kinda small, just something to offer the models. I figured that they would enjoy seeing an image or two of themselves in a collection of similar images. And since this concept of shooting Skype was rather new – I thought doing something new and different for the models would be nice.

The small project suddenly took off with a lot of models interested in being a part of the series – and so as it grew so too my need to figure out how to accommodate the interest. So I debated on increasing the page numbers of the book, and then debated if I should split the book into two or more books. Also from the very beginning, I had a few early models wanting the book not just to be a private book — but open to the public. So that their friends and family could see or get an online copy. I had not planned for this concept so this proved to add to the work load and required me to do more research into which online publishers might be best suited to do the online book. Soon I had models requesting that they might be able to get printed versions — but I had not even had time to test the prints and see or anything… since my goal was something a bit simpler then the project had become. So for the time being I’m not going to focus any efforts on researching if this will be a printed book or not. I’ve decided, for now to focus on continuing the shoots so that I can do the editing and lay outs to complete the online book. Another issue that has then arose was that of making the book available to the public and charging something for the books. I have no idea what the cost of the books will be. I have seen online books typically range from for FREE to about 3 bucks. With the online publishers taking their huge cut. I am not expecting to make much of any profit from the books– but as always I am a big supporter of Humanitarian Projects. So now that the models wanted the book to go public, I have found that this is a great way to donate a portion of the profits to support Humanitarian efforts!

Picture 35Awws

So the artistic concept and style has not changed, nor the idea of creating a the book, but the scope of the project has grown because of the interest and response of the models. So currently I’m preparing for the re-release of the public version on the, Skyped: Preview Book. Following that another book of Skype shot images – featuring shots that were taken of cityscapes, animals, models, nature and other types of shots all taken via Skype. (This book is already laid out and in it’s rough draft state, being looked out by an editor.)

Which brings us to the Boudoir Series — As of today – I’ve decided that the idea of just one book will not work. So the book has been split into 2 books. One book will be of shots taken of models within the U.S. and the other book will be of shots taken of models world wide. I have begun sifting thru all the shoots and collecting the images from each shoot for possible use in the books.  I know that this next month will be very busy for me — My first focus will be publishing the two books I mentioned, while working on shooting the remaining models that have voiced interests in being in the books. I’m figuring that between everything I have going on in “regular life,” plus the time it takes to set up Skype shoots, shoot them, and editing the images, then laying the books pages out and other content… sending the drafts to the editors, then to the publisher — I’m estimating that it will be about May or June that the Boudoir Books will be released.

I just want to thank all my amazing models and friend that have helped be a part of this project! And… if you are going to shoot for this series message me SOON and let’s SHOOT! =)

Picture 137Awws copy

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