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Conversation with ART

I was so moved and provoked to thought after watching the videos I mentioned… wondering about art and futures directions, concepts that might be revisited to propel newer ideas and possibilities…
It was also pretty amazing to consider the ART of the creation of art…. ….   ….   … Artist create with reason and emotion… they take steps that lead to steps in a process that transforms from an idea to a finished piece… and then actually, they take that concept and often expand it farther into new art, creating series and internal dialog to propel their expression… So watching these videos really opened my mind to looking at the process of creating art – Looking at not any one individual… or time or type of art — But looking at the dialog of a collective human expression thru out time….

…  …. (I pause to think)  ….  I guess, I and many artist say that while they are working on the artwork — their art “speaks” to them… there is this dialog, this push and pull with art and the creative process, learning, exploring, attempting… the mind of the artist has these conversations within — and at the end of a period of time the conversation is concluded for a time. Each conversation and reoccurring conversation is like a finished piece or series of artwork. So when one shares in an artists work of art — they are (in my mind) listening in on that conversation…

But I guess my mind was just kinda blown away…. because I typically think of  individual artist speaking about individual “conversations” (art pieces) but just now I was thinking of the development of thousands of years of “conversations” — and it is almost as if this time I was not listening to the artists’ side of the conversation but the ongoing conversation that we “say ART is speaking to us”  — As if ART has been having one long conversation with artist collectively… And suddenly I see / I’m listening in to not just “words” but the conversation — the creative PROCESS of the artist “mankind” and the work of art that is and has been being created… ART as the art.  — That one “piece” is still being worked, — the conversation is still ongoing…. =)

I am looking forward … curious of what is to come….


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