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Holding Hands Across Time

Yesterday morning one of my sisters had her baby — But my sister lives so far from here and so I am only able to see the baby girl online. (she doesn’t have a name yet.) And my grandparents who are in their 80’s haven’t gotten to see the baby at all since they don’t do anything with computers or newer technology…. So I decided to surprise my grandparents and show up at church and sit with them and then after let them see their great grand daughter on my phone.  — I got there and found them — There happened to be ONE seat open next to them- they separated to let me sit between them. – They were totally surprised to see me and very happy! It was really cool to surprise them like that… and they didn’t even know my plan to let them see the baby yet — So I sat there excited about what was going to come soon….

As church was ending… they had a prayer – and my grandma reached for my hand and my grandpa for my other hand — So I sat there… holding both of my grandparents hands….  And I am not sure the reason my mind thought about these thing… if it was because of my sisters baby or ??? … but suddenly I remembered and thought about being a little boy and my grandparents love for me — and of them doing the SAME thing so many other times in my life–  simply holding my hand as a child…. and suddenly I was sitting there as a man — but also like a little boy… and it was such a powerful feeling… the thought that these two hands holding mine had cared for me since I was a child… …    …..    …… and suddenly I thought of my father… (who passed away a few years ago)

And I thought of him holding their hands… and then of him being a little boy– holding his hands — of them caring for him as a child… I don’t even have a word to really describe how I felt in that moment… just it was powerful. I felt moved within me…    …   ….    …. I found that I was experiencing this “present” moment, but also feeling the feelings of all the moments back to when I was a child, and then knowing that all those feeling were the same feeling and same hands holding mine– the same way my dad would have felt holding their hands…. all the way back as far as he could remember when he was a child… sitting there with his parents holding hands….  It was just … an amazing feeling… almost like I could experience my memory of my childhood and connect with my dad… what he would have felt like when he was a child too. =)


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