Last night I could hear a ton of helicopters, fire trucks and police cars racing around outside. It turned out that there was a huge structure fire in LA. I was in downtown and looked up and the sky was red and orange – The smoke and giant embers filled the sky. They were going straight up in the air and dancing around. It was crazy and beautiful at the same time. And I found myself again right in front of the action downtown.  — Years back I had driven out to catch some photos of fires in the hills — but this was the biggest fire I have seen as far as a structure being burned down. So to give you an idea of what it was like – the first shot is going to be a picture I found online. It will show you the fire compared to the city and buildings. The second 2 shots were taken by me – across the street with a building between me and the fire. Like I said… it was crazy and beautiful! The flames were jumping over the tops of the buildings, but I didn’t take pics quick enough to capture that. The fire just exploded with flames like it was a volcano erupting… but the LA fire department knocked it out quick! =)



Do not copy or use any of the images or text here or herein without written consent. © Copyright 2014 Howard Hill. All Rights Reserved. Web image is from this site here.

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