New Year…

So I haven’t been around much this year… It’s just been so crazy busy! I was sick for about a full month and just as I was getting better my computer started to have more and more problems…. Until it just crashed!! I found out that the part I needed was pretty cheap – but I would have to take the whole computer apart!! Once I got the part it was pretty easy to fix – and so I am just now getting back to everything I had been working on… I was basically without a computer for about a full month!! It was both weird, stressful, but also kinda freeing! It’s pretty crazy how much we rely on our computers! It allowed me to get a lot of rest after being sick for so long… In a way it was a good vacation from my shoots, editing, the books, the artwork I do… I guess it was a little needed break- forced on me.  Since then I have switched from my old station to a new station I work on at work; I’ve been catching up on the photoshoot editing I had left, and been painting on my free time. I’m about to begin to put the last book of the Skypetography series together– I’m basically done with all the shoots – Just need to work on laying out the pics for the books pages. I’m excited to finally finish the project! And it’s nice to finally have my health, sleeping habits, and computer back! =) So expect to see more updates and pics shortly! Hope your year is going well – see you all soon!

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