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Last month I published the 2cd book in a series of 3 photography books all shot using Skype as a camera.

The first book was a preview book I finished a little over a year ago. The series was originally going to be a very QUICK and SMALL study of the possibility of shooting over Skype as an alternative photography source. The project quickly grew wildly into a much bigger project than I had originally intended and yet was a ton of fun exploring the possibilities around the world! It was amazing to be able to shoot all around the world without ever leaving home. (Although I sorta feel like a shut in after spending the past 2 years shooting for these 3 books! – I’m looking forward to spending some time shooting back out in real life/ nature.)

“Skyped” is a book of all different types of skypetography imagery – It walks thru my journey exploring what I could do/ did… It has some early experimental shots, then moves into my signature look. The images have a wide range: cityscapes, landscapes, modeled shots, candids, and for a surprise I finished the book with just a few color shots!! Which I have not posted or said anything about them till now — I wanted it to be a surprise!!

Speaking of surprises!!! — I have another… something that I have began to do with skypetography and hope to showcase at the end of the next/ final book of this skypetography series. The final book is a book of Boudoir photography taken all around the world of different models and “regular” people — Just about ALL the shots for the book are ALREADY photographed, and I have began pulling the images together for the book. I will so begin laying out the actual pages. The book is planned to be another 130 pages, same as the recent book. I hope to finish and have it released for publishing in the summer! Drop by and check them out!

Link: Click here to see the books.

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