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When Life Gets In The Way

Over the past month my life just seems to have gotten way crazy busy! I mean, to be honest my life is always a bit crazy and busy… but… it seems like it has just gotten a little out of control more than normal…

Some of it is just that I have been dealing with some of my own health issues, trying to do shoots, and edits, work on the book and then doing my regular 40 hour job… and juggling everything else that needs to get done in a week too… I’ve been doing these traveling shoots, and going off on road trips… I think that I am just trying to figure out how to organize all the stuff I want to do and use to do before I added more things in my life… I seem to always think that I can get more done… just add a little more in there somewhere … but the truth is… I can’t… And so I kinda am figuring out… I can’t do everything… and when something like family issues (like with my grandparents being sick, or me getting the flu… ) It just really messes up my momentum and breaks down my process/ productivity.

It sucks because I am just so passionate about doing so many different things… and the truth is… I can’t juggle everything I want to juggle… And I am going to have to cut back on things I want to do to bring in other things… or even just to spend time with people in my life… I guess we were just not made to do everything we want to do in life… and the hard thing is figuring out what to do and what to let go of….   …  … sucks that I am stubborn… hahaha… cause even tho I am sick I still try to get a bunch of stuff done! LOL … I guess that means I will be a slow learner… hahahaha…

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