So quite a few years back I began reading comics – Which made me decide to try writing comics… I use to write a lot of stories and characters I had hoped to one day publish. I then ventured off into illustrated books, and other types of art. I had quit reading comics, and haven’t really done much writing in a long time… maybe a lil poetry here and there… Most of my time had been focussed on making art, photography, or working on the different photography books… I was kicking around this really cool idea for a Marvel comic book — Mostly while I was working nights… It was quiet and I could talk to myself, and think out loud… Shhhh I didn’t say that. đŸ˜‰  The concept I had would open up a whole doorway of possibilities for untold stories… But as I started thinking about all the stories – I had ideas that would last a few years… and beyond… BUT… Marvel was changing all their stories and even characters in the last 2 years – Due to movie rights and such… So I said forget it!

Months past… And one day I thought about something the would be a great tie into the character/ story I had created… It kinda got me thinking and making notes again… So for the past few months I’ve continued on– Maybe one day I will do something with it… But for now I just love the creative process.


Along the journey I decided that I wanted to read this one 4 part issue of one of the books…. I found that I could just pay a monthly fee and read comics off Marvels site – and WHAM I have no more life!! hahaha.. In the last couple months I have read over 500 comic books in my free time… hehehe… (Deadpool cover is a screenshot from Marvel.com)


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