I mentioned earlier that when I was a kid I read comics. I just loved the stories and the art and how it was kinda never ending/ always unfolding… I read and collected for years! I had planned to one day go back and read the stories from the beginning… I had almost FULL RUNS of ALL the X-titles, Daredevil, Deadpool, FF, Avengers, Iron-man, and a bunch of other comics… But then I hit a time in my life that I needed to sell off the collections. Also comics got so expensive!! I began cutting down on my reading… And finally I just kinda stopped reading…  ….  …. Years passed, and when I discovered I could read everything online!! I started to read just concepts of things I wanted to connect to my story ideas… but soon I wanted to understand some things I never understood… And then I decided to go back to X-men #1… and read the X-stories chronologically!! Which has been really cool! So much fun to see the characters develop, stories develop, style changes – expanding Marvel Universe… Different artist making a difference. I’ve loved seeing the characters and reading about them in the stories that came BEFORE I began to read and buy comics… Stories I knew bits and pieces of… now seeing it come to life… Currently I am getting closer to the point that I came on board and began to read the stories… And as I get closer and closer – it is more and more exciting! I find myself getting more excited to catch up with my Childhood Self… Almost like hahaha… I’ve traveled into the past to visit a time before my youth, then I will get to meet myself at a younger time, and then find the “missing years”… See what became of the characters and stories after I quit reading… All of it is just exciting and so much fun! =) So I wanted to encourage you… If you use to read comics… Start reading online! =)

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