About Me

Howard Hill is a Fine Artist whose focus is Mixed Media Art and Photography.

This is a general timeline of 3 categories: Exploration of a medium, a mini-series, or larger series of a specific art project. most of the time he prefers to overlap his series and projects. This multitasking allows him time to consider options and directions he wants to explore while remaining productive in a different artistic direction. It also allows for ideas and concepts in one medium to influence the ideas and creative process in another. Often crossing over into a mixed media venture.


Writing a series of stories based on nonfiction expressed in illustration, graphic novels, and film. (2004 – 2007)

haunted–Haunted (one shot)

redstamp— Le Storia (Series)

Exploring ceramics, etching, photography, mixed media, and digital arts. (2006 – 2007)

blueboxExploration: Ceramics (2006)

lamanonegraExploration: Etching/ Printmaking (2006)


Exploration: Photography (2006)


Exploration: Digital, Traditional and Mixed Media Arts

Photography Series:

lafreeway— Mini-series: CA Freeways (2006)

wingsandguns–Mini-series: Photogram (2006)


— Mini-series: The White Series (2007)


— Series: Trees (2006 – 2008)


— Series: Abstract Textures (2006 – 2010)

beach— Series: Nature Within Southern California (2006 – 2010)


Series: Hearts (2006 – Present)


Series: Clouds (2006 – Present)

Series of Assemblage (2008)

assem— Assemblage Series

The 3 Part Series: Photography, Mixed Media Art, and Sculpture (2007 – 2013)

filoback2— Photography: Nudes in Nature Series

– Using digital, film, alternative cameras, and alternative processing

— Mixed Media Art

gesport— Traditional Mixed Media Studio Art Series

Bird Whispers— Modern Mixed Media Digital Art Series

— Sculpture

i1— Sculpture Series

Ongoing Art Project (2012 – Present)

i1— Painting Series

Mini-series of iPhone Photography (2013)

i–Iphone Series

Skypetography (2013 – Present)

poland st— Skypetography Series


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