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Models Response: SW

September 3, 2013 Leave a comment
Providing Models a space to speak in their own words their experience modeling artistic nudes:
Model: SW

(Age: 19, Regular Shoot: XX times, Never shot nude before)

“When I first started modeling I was only 16 years old. From then until now, three years past at 19, I had many different experiences in modeling from glamor to advertisements in magazines, but never nude. When I was first contacted by Howard to shoot for the 3 Part Series Project, I was a bit skeptical about the motives and purposes of this type of shoot. I looked at the links he had attached of some previous work and I was completely blown away. The photos that were taken of these women were breathtakingly beautiful and there was a model of every age, ethnicity, shape, and size. I couldn’t believe myself actually starting to consider doing a shoot like this. Because I had grown up with relatively conservative parents I was naturally still skeptical about everything so I gave him a call to get several of my questions answered. To my surprise he answered everything with such sweetness and patience that I instantly decided to give it a try. A month or so passed and I was finally ready to go through with it. Howard encouraged me to bring an escort of some type (friends, a boyfriend, or even my parents!) so that made me feel the most comforted. After I arrived at the meeting location I was overjoyed to see that it actually was him and he was exactly who he said he was. He matched the picture on his blog and his voice was the same. I followed Howard to the shooting location with my escort and we hiked up to a beautiful spot in nature. The whole time Howard was telling me what the plans were for the shoot and making sure I agreed every step of the way and I never felt any pressure from him to do something I felt unsure about. The time came to where we were all at the spot where we were going to start taking pictures and the big unavailing of my body was coming near. Howard politely turned around while I got undressed and waited until I told him I was ready. For the first few moments I was in disbelief that this was happening but right after the first photo was taken I felt 100% comfortable. It almost felt like I was modeling in a bikini or clothes! I couldn’t believe it. Howard made me feel comfortable and always was extremely considerate. In each shot he would tell me things to make me look my best possible like “straighten out your back” or “suck in a little bit here” and I really appreciated that. Even though I am a fairly petite woman at 5’3″, I am still a little curvier than most people my age so I appreciated his continuous effort to make me look the way I wanted to look. Throughout the shoot he was courteous and gave plenty of praise which always feels good, especially the first time taking nude photos! The shoot lasted 3-4 hours and at every point I loved it and really enjoyed myself. After it was over we continued to talk on the way back to our cars. I will definitely shoot again with Howard in the very near future and I believe his creative mind will always make his modeling look like a work of the finest art. If you have never done nude modeling before, I know exactly how you feel. But no matter your age of body type, Howard will make you look stunning and make you feel as beautiful as you really are. Howard is the real deal ladies! If you are considering it still, talk it over with him for as long as you need. If hearing all the details and reading this blog does not help you decide then I do t know what will! It is an amazing experience and I would not have wanted it to be with any other photographer. I’m blessed to have met Howard and I hope that those of you considering nudes would go to him!” 

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Nude Models Sharing Their Thoughts….

September 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Over the past few years I have worked with many models shooting artistic nudes in nature. It has been a cool adventure and I’ve created with the models some amazing photographs and other artwork from the shoots. In that time I have had many models that had never shot nudes before shoot nudes with me. I wouldn’t want to encourage models to shoot nudes with just anyone – They really should consider it, and the body of the photographers work before doing it. And I’d advise models never to shoot nudes if it a spur of the moment idea, because they really should do it only after much thought. Most of the models I have talked to say that they always wanted to try it, but have been a little afraid of going thru with it. So in the past few years, I’ve had some that “wanted” to shoot nudes, but then canceled or flaked last minute…. But actually, most who I have set up a shoot with– have gone thru with it. And have told me how they were a lil scared before the shoot started… but then seconds after I start shooting – forget that they are nude / feel like it was not that different then being clothed. One model told me that it was like she was shooting in an invisible bikini. Many have told me that they have felt empowered, free, beautiful, liberated, and such. I’ve had some models realize that they have a way better figure and look then they realized. Older models and models that have had kids have told me that they wish that they would have shot some nudes when they were younger. Sure there was things about their bodies that they did not like when they were younger, but as they got older then those issues still bothered them — along with newer body issues. So they wished that they could have the shots of their younger figures to look back on when they are older. These conversations caused me to think about this project. Recently I decided that I’d add to my 3 Parts Series Project — I’m still working out the details but I think that I will ask my models before they shoot with me to write a lil how they feel and their thoughts, fears, excitement, hope and such – before they shoot with me… and then write about the experience of shooting nudes after (positive or negative)… and then I’d post it here. My thought is that it would do kinda 3 things: 1. It would allow others models to kinda get a MODELS perspective on shooting nudes. 2. It would (hopefully) allow me as photographer to get some encouragement and inspiration from reading how my models have felt more accepted, beautiful, empowered, encouraged… — all kinda stuff that I desire to portray and emote in the photographs – but now in their own words too. 3. I kinda like the idea of giving the models themselves a VOICE and not just an image… Perhaps it will bring more to the images while expressing a part of their own personal character and thoughts to this series. So the plan is to start adding their comments/ essays to my blog. (posting links below) 1.Model Response: #1 (SW) 2. Model Response: #2 and #3 3. Model Response: #4  4. Model Response: #5 5. Model Responses: #6 6. Model Responses: #7

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