Humanitarian Projects

Humanitarian Projects:

When I was young my first time ever leaving the U.S. was on a trip with some friends to go build a house in another country. I met a family of four living in the dump — Literally in the dump. No house, no water, no nothing… they just picked thru the dump for what they could find. They had a bunk-bed that the parents slept on the bottom, and the 2 children a boy and a girl – about the same age as me… maybe 13 and 15 year old slept on the top.  There was a sheet of plywood was laid on top of the post of the bed so that when it rained or the sun beat down on them they would have a little protection from the elements. I had never known anything different then the life that I lived in the U.S. And I found my self considering that 1. other people were not as blessed with material goods as I was, and 2. that it could have just as easily been me born into that family. From that point on I have always really wanted to bless people, and be a blessing to those that have been in need. And so I always want to try and encourage others to do the same… It doesn’t matter how small or big it might seem to you… if it is a smile, a kinda word, a hug, a call, a prayer, food, cloths, your used goods, new goods, money or your time investing in someone… it always MATTERS to them… to those that have needs that they can not meet… that burdens their thoughts, their days and nights ….  I always want to encourage people everywhere to try to help someone each day… and that NOW is the time… while you have the change and ability to hold that door for someone or do something that will better them, and in doing so better us.

So my hope is that you will do some of your own “humanitarian projects” of different types. And if you wanted to offer support to other people helping people, here are a few links –thank you!



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