I sometimes get asked how someone might be able to work with me…

First thing you need to know is while I appreciate the interest of everyone to shoot…. there is a lot of you and only one of me….. I have very limited time and I’m only interested in shooting for the specific series that I am working on. (So I will not shoot just ANYTHING someone wants.) BUT if you like my work and you think that you might be interested in being a part of a series then I’d love to see about working together! There are 3 types of shoots — 2 are INTERNATIONAL  — So you can be ANYWHERE in the world and be a part of these series! The last type of shoot is for people only in Southern California.

Currently I’m finishing up 2 series at the same time for 2 photography books — Both of which is shot via Skype.

The First type of shoot: (International shoot)

Is open to anyone that is interested in Skyping with me and allowing me to shoot thru their phone, computer, or iPad. — I’m interested in shooting ANY type of subject matter (nature, landscapes, city shots, food, still life, — anything and everything.) It only takes minutes and you will get your name in the book if I use an image I shot thru our Skype call.

The Second type of shoot: (International shoot. — You can be in ANY country to shoot this with me.)

The Boudoir book — the shoot is lingerie and implied nude (meaning: lingerie and nude, but not “showing” anything in the shots.) Models name, identity and face does not need to be revealed in the book or in the shots if the model does not want to make it known, but wants to be a part of the series and be published in the book. Images are the same style as you see on my blog labeled “Skypetography.”) Here is a link to the blog entry  of when I started this series. The link explains the concept behind this creative venture. (International shoot. — You can be in ANY country to shoot this with me.)

The Third type of shoot: (Southern California ONLY):

This series is being put on hold until I get the first book finished — I can’t do EVERYTHING at the same time! hahahaha… So this has to be put on hold! thanks!!

To Shoot With Me:

Things to know and do —

1.  To participate in any type of shoot with me — you must be of legal age, show ID, and sign a release. No Exceptions.

2.  I do NOT charge models to shoot for the series and I do NOT pay models to shoot with me. No Exceptions.

3.  Model and/or Assistants who shoot with me will receive some edited images from the shoot in exchange for their time.  Edits will be the same specs as they appear on my blog, with logo. These shoots are considered “trade” for time rendered. Also ALL (for a limited time) WILL have at least one image they shoot with me in one of the books I create – and will receive an online version of the book over the internet. And will receive CREDITS in the book if they desire.

4. I also wanted to mention that these projects will be connected to a Humanitarian Project to Help provide to those in need.

5.  If you think that you would be interested in being a part of one of these projects — You can DM me on Instagram or Click on the “leave a Comment” tab located at the top and bottom of this page — And then in the “reply” space below leave the following contact information and I will get back to you as I have opportunity.**

Email address,
What country/ city your in,
What series you’d be interested in shooting with.

— If you have Skype, leave that contact too. If you do not have it…. Skype is FREE to download and FREE to use- so get it and lets shoot!! 

** Your Contact Info and message will NOT be made public and will NOT be visible to the Public on my blog. =) **


Last Comment:

I just wanted to thank everyone for their interest and support — feel free to contact me to be a part of the series or if you have friends that you think would be interested — Feel free to have them contact me! Wish you all the very best! — Howard



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